Propel America

Our Model

Our Model

Propel America offers a new way for young adults to move quickly to a job that gives them a stable career in healthcare while continuing their education. With individual guidance and support, tuition-free training that also earns college credit, and guaranteed interviews with employer partners ready to hire, Propel America removes the barriers many young people face, and makes hard work pay off the ways it’s supposed to.

Propel offers:

The Fellowship

The Fellowship is a structured training program where fellows gain technical industry skills, earn college credit, and ultimately, access the workforce.

Propel recruits young adults (aged 18-24) interested in launching their career journey in healthcare. Fellows work alongside a team of their peers as they engage in training programs with Propel college partners, earning college credit and in-demand industry credentials along the way. All fellows have the support of a personal career coach to guide them on their training journey and lead them through weekly Propel skillbuilding sessions to get ready for the world of work. Fellows participate tuition free, leveraging Pell grants.

With the support of their Propel coach, fellows apply for jobs at Propel’s employer partners. Fellows may receive support on everything from preparing a resume to mock interviewing. Fellows continue to receive support for six months after their training program and gain access to additional opportunities to build professional skills, expand their networks, and support.

Propel Core

Propel Core, a credit bearing senior-year high school course held in high schools.

Our Core high school curriculum is delivered to high school students in their senior year by partner schools. Students prepare for the world of work by exploring their own strengths, identifying career interests, and developing their toolkit of professional skills. A key component of this course supports students in mapping their short- and long-term career journey.

Our Core curriculum is taught in Propel’s partner high schools by the school’s teachers and in some states meets career exploration graduation requirements.

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