Propel America helps young adults move from high school into a career and higher education. We connect high schools, job-training organizations and higher institutions, local employers, and experienced mentors to build a clear path forward for students.

Propel bridges these institutions together in three phases: Core, a class held in high schools or as a postgraduate “Bootcamp,” in which students build soft skills and learn about upwardly mobile job pathways, Specialization, in which students–now “fellows,”–train for specific career paths, and finally Transition, where fellows apply for and move into jobs with Propel’s employer partners. Throughout it all, fellows receive ongoing support and coaching from their local Propel team.

Importantly, the cost of training for fellows is affordable, and they receive financial assistance or stipends to help meet basic needs and address the “opportunity cost” of not working while in training.

About the program

What are the requirements to become a Propel fellow?

You must live in one of our regions (Louisiana, South Jersey/ Philadelphia, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Newark, NJ). You must have a GED or high school diploma. Each pathway will have different requirements based on the training partner requirements. At the time of application to Propel Specialization, applicants should be 18 to 24 years old.

What jobs can I get with Propel?

Propel works with employers to identify in-demand jobs that pay a living wage and do not require a college degree. Most of these jobs require completion of a training program and in some cases a credential exam. These jobs also can lead to further, higher-paying jobs with additional credentials or degrees which many times are funded by employers.

Why should I apply to be a fellow?

Propel provides you with support as you explore and enter a career. We are looking for young adults who show an interest in one of our pathways and are willing to commit the time and effort necessary to complete the program.

How long does the Core-Bootcamp program last and how long does the fellowship last?

Bootcamp is an accelerated eight-day course to prepare students for Propel pathways. It is currently offered virtually but may be offered in person when it is safe. The duration of the fellowship depends on the pathway you select. Visit our Specialization page for more details.

If I attend a Bootcamp in one pathway, can I apply to Specialization in a different pathway?

Bootcamp is based on a particular pathway. The curriculum helps you to prepare for a single pathway. If you are interested in another pathway after completing the Bootcamp please reach out to your coach or facilitator to discuss your options.

What types of support will I receive as a fellow?

Fellows will be paired with a cohort coach who will support your progression through your training program. You will meet weekly with your coach during cohort meetings and in one-on-one check-ins. Propel fellows who complete the program are guaranteed an interview with an employer partner and receive six additional months of coaching support after the program ends. Propel will provide you with a laptop during the program if you need one.

Application process

If I have applied in the past but was not accepted, may I apply again?

Absolutely! We encourage you to apply again if you still meet the required criteria.

Do you offer application deadline extensions?

We cannot guarantee acceptance after the deadline, but please submit your application and we will be in touch if there is still the opportunity to enroll.

Do applicants need to be a certain age to apply to Bootcamp?

All applicants must be 18 to 24 years or older by the time they apply.

Is English proficiency a requirement?

Yes. The program is in English; general English proficiency is a requirement. However, we do not require applicants to be native English speakers.

Technical help

The application form won’t show up when I click the button. What do I do?

Try using a different browser. You should be able to access the application on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

I submitted my application but I forgot to add one thing. Can I still add it?

All submitted applications are final. Please carefully review your application before submitting. If you are having technical help please email

"I've made many people proud, including myself. I am so proud of myself for making this decision and completing the training course at the top of my class [as a Propel fellow]."

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