Propel America Statement on Race & Equity

There is undeniable systemic racism and bias in the United States that permeates policing, the justice system, education, employment, healthcare, housing, and beyond. Our country is desperate not just for an acknowledgment of these inequities but an end to them. We need atonement, healing, and transformation. Propel America was born out of the urgent need to respond to such inequities, and we are as determined as ever. 

At Propel America, we focus on ensuring all young adults can attain economic prosperity. This mission in itself requires confronting and dismantling the structures of bias and racism that afford privilege to some and injustice to others. We recognize that our country’s K-12, higher education, and employment systems have failed to support young adults of color. Propel’s model strives to work against this reality. In order to advance equity and inclusion, Propel creates systems-level solutions by connecting employers’ needs into and across high schools and training organizations serving students in low-income communities across the country. We empower young adults from low income backgrounds with the skills, credentials, experiences, and professional social networks they need to attain a job that can help lead to upward economic mobility.

Propel is committed to set policies and engage in practices that are rooted in our aims of equity and diversity.  We do not accept the status quo. Instead, we embrace the responsibility of building a better future for young adults across the country by ensuring Propel fellows achieve economic self-sufficiency, which we believe can enable a choice-filled life. And through a supportive network of Propel partners, staff, coaches, peers, and alumni, we will stand with our fellows in our collective pursuit of social justice. 

Propel recognizes that our broader systems and structures must fundamentally change to advance racial equity. This will require us to remain open, truly listen, continually learn, engage in deep reflection and bold, courageous action–especially by those afforded privilege because of their race and background. The consequences of inaction and willful ignorance will only serve to ossify present-day inequities.

As a Propel team, and as people who care about our country, we stand firm, declaring an unwavering commitment to fight racism and advance racial equity. The Propel vision is for our next generation of youth and communities of color to experience an America free from prejudice and bias, and with equal opportunity to live the American Dream. Propel America believes that Black lives matter. And we stand in solidarity with Black and Brown people across the country in the ongoing quest for justice, equity, and prosperity.

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