Propel America

Erin Bendily

Erin Bendily has devoted her entire career to public service in her home state of Louisiana, supporting university research programs at the state’s higher education agency, managing a congressional district office, and serving as the governor’s education advisor. After those roles, for nearly a decade she served as the state department of education’s assistant superintendent for policy and governmental affairs, developing and implementing the state’s nationally recognized plan for school improvement and educational advancement. She served as the department’s legislative spokesperson and chief strategist, regularly working with lawmakers, board of education members, and department leadership to plan and execute reforms and initiatives that would increase student achievement and expand educational opportunity. Her work with educators, state and federal policymakers and agencies, and community advocates paved the way to implement more rigorous educational standards, improve student performance at every level, enhance high school pathways, and expand early childhood education and school options.

Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in business management from Southeastern Louisiana University and her master of public administration degree and Ph.D. in educational leadership and research from Louisiana State University.