Our Model

Propel America helps young adults move from high school into a career and higher education. We connect high schools, job-training organizations and community colleges, local employers, and experienced mentors to build a clear path forward for students. 

Propel bridges these institutions together in three phases: Core, a class held in high schools or postgraduate “bootcamps,” Specialization, in which students–now “fellows,”–train for specific career paths, and finally Transition, applying for and moving into jobs with Propel’s employer partners. Throughout it all, Fellows receive ongoing support and coaching from their local Propel team.  

Importantly, the cost of training for fellows is affordable, and they receive financial assistance or stipends to help meet basic needs and address the “opportunity cost” of not working while they train. 

Propel America’s support for young people has three phases

Propel’s coaching is integrated throughout the program to support fellows on a pathway to upward mobility.

Help students to build a professional and peer network that can support them over the long term

Support development of career and life planning

Ensure students have access to supports and resources that they need to successfully transition to work

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Students participating in Propel as high school seniors will identify a pathway of interest. The pathways are based on the opportunities within a community and will leverage existing public funding streams to cover costs where possible. For more information on our Pathways, please visit People and Places.


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